Glass Store Front Doors

Storefront Door Installation

DO NOT UNLOCK the pre-assembled door until the unit is completely installed.  Unlocking the door prior to completion of the installation may result in operational problems with the door and excess stress on the hinges.

Metal Building Installation Steps for a Pre-assembled Door:

  1. After uncrating the door, position the door under the girt with the outside edge of the sub framing flush with the outside of the girt.
  2. Plumb and square door unit.  Check the gap between the top of the door panel and header.  There must be an even reveal.
  3. Attach side clips against the bottom of the wall girt.
  4. Anchor the base clips to the floor.
  5. Remove the screw holding the door leaf shut.
  6. Anchor threshold to the floor.  Caulk or grout under the threshold.

Installation into Existing Framing:

  1. Check existing framing wall and header for plumbness and squareness.  Check clearances to ensure the opening is adequate for door clearance specifications.
  2. Anchor door framing to existing subframe typically flush with the outside of the wall.
  3. Hang door leaf on pre-assembled hinges and check for proper operation.
  4. Install door closure.  It has adjustments for the latch speeds as well as an adjustment for the back check.
  5. Anchor threshold to the floor. Caulk or grout under the threshold.
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