Door FAQ’s

The difference is ours are factory pre-assembled. In the absence of the specifications generally we are equal. We find 80% of all store front doors are made with Vista wall, Manko or Kawneer hardware and components. Specifications are consistent and comparable between hardware suppliers.  Your glass thickness and type (tempered, tinted, clear) is your choice with any company.

First and foremost is to verify that your door has arrived undamaged at the time of delivery by opening the crate while the driver is on site! Freight damage can occur with any shipped item and must be noted on the bill of lading to qualify for repair or replacement costs. and Building Outlet prides themselves on proper packaging (wood crates) to help protect your order. While damage is rare, it can happen.

This can be found under door installation.

Yes, please print out an estimate sheet found in the contact us section of this web site fill the measurements in and fax back to us.

No, this rating includes special high impact glass, which we do not carry.

It is like a kick plate that replaces the glass 10″ from the bottom of the door and is specified when as an ADA requirement when door is intended to be used by handicap or wheelchair access so the wheel can bump the lower part of the door.

This is a bar across the inside of the door that when pushed dislodges the locking mechanism allowing for exit in emergency or after-hours. In some cases this is a requirement.

Yes. Some of the cheaper closures are fixed and do not offer adjustments which are not necessarily right for the application. Our standard door closure is higher quality with an adjustable spring type which allows the user to set the closer lighter or heavier when required. Upgrades are available for high use applications.

Yes. One year against workmanship and materials.