Thank you for your glass door purchase.

Delivery Notice
We are making signature required deliveries for these products. We do package our products to help avoid damage but from time to time damage occurs – sometimes not visible from simply viewing the exterior packaging or crate (in cases they drop the crate).

Please open the crating before signing and check for damage. If you do not check and accept as is, that releases the shipping company from their responsibility and we certainly cannot be responsible for the outcome. You as the receiver have responsibility (which we rely on) to do the inspection and this is critical to avoid future replacement costs. Please make sure that you check the package thoroughly prior to signing and note “Damage Exception” to the bill of lading if damage is seen. You may return or refuse the item if the damage is unacceptable use. We will replace any small damaged components if noted.

Some delivery companies attempt to rush you into accepting the order prior to inspection. Do not let this happen. If this becomes the case sign the bill of lading damaged and note not allowed full inspection.

If you allow the driver to leave prior to inspection, we cannot recover damage replacement costs. It is important to have the proper tools such as a screw gun with a Philips head for crated shipments to disassemble the top or expose the shipped item.

We realize your storefront door purchase may be based on time sensitive schedules perhaps affecting the business opening. We also share the expectations you have with our supplier and Freight Company. We have no control of the freight process as far as handling, hub transfers and delivery times. If for some reason your expectations are not met relating to freight damage, delays or product design we will work with you as far as replacement or repair within our warranty terms and order documents. As a basis of doing business relating to delays for any reason you agree to hold our company harmless and not be responsible or liable in any manner for any labor cost, loss of use, lost profits nor any incidental or consequential damages that may arise.
Your help is appreciated and by performing a thorough inspection we both save money and time.

Thank you for your due diligence in advance. The customer is also responsible for unloading of the trucks. Please have enough people or forklift available for unloading. Forklift rental is customer’s responsibility. Liftgate service available for some door orders for an additional fee.
Your help is appreciated and by performing a thorough inspection we both save money and time.

Thank you for your due diligence in advance.

Approximate Weights:
1 3070 Storefront Door 310 #’s
2 3070 Storefront Doors 510 #’s
1 6070 Storefront Door 600 #’s
2 6070 Storefront Doors 1,000 #’s
Transoms and Sidelites will add to weights above